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[FTTrans] ‘Women’s Chosun’ April 2014 Issue: ‘Lee Hongki’s Another Life’

Idol star Lee Hongki’s official march as an actor is getting noticed. He carried over his emotion and passion from an FTISLAND performance directly to a drama set.

It doesn’t happen often, but there are times when a drama changes its air time. The reason is simple: it’s popular or it’s not.

TV Chosun’s ‘Bride Of The Century’ changed its air time from Sat/Sun to Fri/Sat because it was popular.

Viewers gave a positive response to the drama’s unique setup. It was especially popular among younger viewers. The ratings continued to go up and the OST became a buzz. So the drama changed its airtime to the mini series slot, when more people can enjoy it. Male lead Lee Hongki can’t help but to get happy.

“I’m really happy that the drama continues to get a positive response. Thanks to a great initial response, the air time changed and everyone is joyful on set. I’m really happy too but at the same time, I also want to work harder as the male lead so even more people can watch the drama.”

This is Hallryu star Lee Hongki’s first greeting. As a chaebol character, he is mostly in suits these days.  Even though he acted as a child, he didn’t really get to act once he grew up. Except for the movie ‘Passionate Goodbye,’ this drama is Lee Hongki’s first official acting challenge.

Lee Hongki decided to appear on ‘Bride Of The Century’ because he got attracted to the scenario. Thanks to that, he is living an icy but cold life. ‘Bride Of The Century’ is about a family curse that says the first bride to marry the oldest son of Taeyang Group will die. Lee Hongki plays the main character Choi Gangju.

He Becomes The Cold Rich Man

“I’m trying to bring out the dryness from Choi Gangju’s action and speech. Instead of trying to act cold, I thought expressing Choi Gangju as an emotionless and dry person would make him look colder.”

The energetic Hallyu star who laughs and talks a lot is nowhere to be seen. The more he acts, the more he focuses on deleting himself and adapting to a new character. When the drama premiered, his friends said he was too cheesy. But as time passed, there have been more compliments.

“The setting itself is a fantasy. I think I interpreted it naturally. While interpreting Choi Gangju in my own way, I got to show a new side of myself to the public. That’s fun.”

Lee Hongki showed a completely new side of him for the first time since debut. A lower voice tone and expressions, and a perfectly matching suit made Lee Hongki look not like a singer but an actor. Even though it is a fantasy, Lee Hongki is interpreting the piece on his own way and getting into it. He also got to learn about the fun of acting.

“I think acting is great because I can live another person’s life. While shooting ‘Bride Of The Century.’ I’m having fun acting through Choi Gangju.’

On stage, he is a singer who loves interacting with fans. But while acting, he really loves living a new life. Discovering a completely new you and expressing it is a fun process.

A sweet love-line, how is working with Yang Jinsung?

Lee Hongki’s chemistry with rookie actor Yang Jinsung is also under a spotlight. Just like their sweet love-line in the drama,  the two look good together in real life and get along really well on set.

“We get along too well so it can be hard sometimes. When we are shooting a serious scene, I need to act appropriately. But I struggle because I want to fool around.”  (Laughs)

In real life, Yang Jinsung is older than Hongki. But with her bright personality, she makes everyone feel at home on set. Comparing Yang Jinsung to Doorim from the drama, Lee Hongki couldn’t compliment her enough. Their heartbreaking emotional acting is also a hot issue.  After learning about his family curse, Lee Hongki tries to end his relationship with Na Doorim. Even though he once was an icy heir, he had fallen in love with bright and lovely Doorim. His decision to part with her and the resulting sadness are heartbreaking. 

Even fans were nice to this couple,

As expected of a Hallyu star who goes on a tour almost everyday, Lee Hongki brought fans to the set. Even foreign fans visited the set to cheer him on. Lee Hongki says his fans give him strength no matter how busy he is.

“At ‘Bride Of The Century’ press conference, fans sent over so many rice wreaths. Those wreaths come with rice instead of flowers and the rice gets donated. There was an entire wall filled with them from my fans. I felt happy because it was for a good cause, was grateful to my fans and felt proud in front of the staff.

Affection For Drama Goes Up After Singing OST

Lee Hongki is staying busy taking on both music and acting. He is getting ready for a new FTISLAND album expected to come out between May and July, and performing across Asia for a label concert. His personality doesn’t let him complain but it has to be physically draining.

Despite the busy schedule, Lee Hongki is affectionate about the drama. His love can be felt in his OST. There is a behind story on how the male lead got to sing. It happened despite an opposition from the company because the drama producer strongly argued for it.

“I wasn’t going to sing an OST. That was already settled with the company too. I thought it would be weird to hear my voice during a scene, where I have to focus. I thought I should stay out. Our member Jaejin sang for it too anyway. But the producer kept trying to convince me. I got convinced, and called the agency CEO.”

He sang “Words I couldn’t say yet.” It’s the male version of AOA Choa’s song. The producer was right. Because Lee Hongki sang the song, the drama grew even more popular. Many people love his song. It reaffirmed Lee Hongki’s star power that made SBS ‘The Inheritors’ OST ‘I’m Saying’ a hit.

Good Singer & Actor

After debuting as a child actor, Lee Hongki became an idol star called FTISLAND. After officially becoming a singer, his past as an actor may bind him. But now, he wants to be a good singer and an actor. After all, a person who discovers and acknowledges his talents is happy. He feels the happiest when he gets noted in any field.

“The best compliment I got after I started acting is ‘good job.’ I think I feel the happiest when I hear that. After starting ‘Bride Of The Century,’ people around me said an icy heir character suits me. I’ll have to wait until the drama ends but I was glad to hear that from the start!”

While shooting the drama, he is also handling FTISLAND’s schedule. There are times when his Japan, Asia tour schedule overlaps with his shooting schedule, but idol star Lee Hongki even got this figured out.

“Of course, I’m exhausted. It’s too much physically. But because everyone goes easy on me, I don’t have hard time taking care of myself. When I have a crazy schedule, I try to recharge myself by getting enough rest. But at a busy time like this one, I don’t even have the time to feel tired. My day gets over in a flash.”

Lee Hongki enjoys a loud stage and is very interested in styling. This is nothing unusual for a band member. But Lee Hongki is unique because he likes nail care. He says he started it by chance but found that it suits his rock style. He pampers himself with colorful nail arts. He even published a book on it. Lately, he’s taking a break from it to shoot the drama.  

“I’m taking a break from nail care because of the drama. (Laughs) I’m still getting them cared for so my nails are very healthy. Ha ha! But I don’t get stressed out because I can’t get them done.” (Laughs)

The power to control himself at a given time is Lee Hongki’s own surviving strategy that he learned from a long celebrity life. Each day goes by in a blink but he is enjoying it. He wants to keep doing what he is good at and control himself.

“I want to keep living by expressing what I have. Whether it be through acting or singing. I always want to be an attractive person!”

Lee Hongki is extremely popular in Japan and China. ‘Bride Of The Century’ is getting even better response overseas. Starting in August, it will air in Japan, and a major Chinese network has proposed a remake. In China, the drama was downloaded more than 12,000,000 times.

Even as an adult, Lee Hongki still has the same dream. He wants to be someone who can sing and act well. He also wants to be acknowledged both in Korea and overseas. If he continues to run towards his dream with the passion that he has now, the life he dreams will one day be complete.

Credit: Chosun + DJ. Pri ;; Twitter @ChocopieK

[FTTrans] ‘Men’s Health’ April Issue: FTISLAND Stay Strong

"What It Means To Share A Life’s Goal"


FTISLAND, What It Means To Share A Life’s Goal

A rock band with flower boy looks, does it look like someone’s well-planned scenario? You may have thought FTISLAND as that. But these guys who began a musical life together have a unique life’s goal.

> 7 years since debut. The year was 2007. The time when rock bands did not exist, a rock band armed with outstanding looks showed up. They were FTISLAND. At a time filled with idol groups, a teenage rock band was exceptional. But they were also doubts and misunderstandings. Isn’t rock a destruction of a system?
We may have thought of them like any other idols. But the members believed in their music and continued to grow as a young rock group. Because of this, countless idol bands came out after FTISLAND. But they couldn’t stay around as long as FTISLAND. Now into their mid-20s, the members are mature and relaxed. Even though they are in the same group, each member is serious enough to have his own goal. FTISLAND have not worked together since releasing an album last November, but they are still hot. Drummer Choi Minhwan successfully finished his third musical ‘Joseph Amazing,’ and guitarist Song Seunghyun finished filming the movie ‘Enemies All Around.’ Vocalist Lee Hongki is shooting the drama ‘Bride Of The Century,’ and leader Choi Jonghun and bassist Lee Jaejin are taking part in various variety programs and musical activities. FTISLAND’s five members are now changing. Springing from the musical group FTISLAND, they are now showing off their individual charm. All of the members are still in their mid-20s. How will they spend the second half of their 20s? We meet with the five maturing men of FTISLAND.

Everyone is busy with individual schedules. What are you focusing on right now?

[JH] I want to go fishing when it gets warmer.

[MH] I successfully finished a musical and I’ve suddenly got addicted to gaming. I won first prize at a gaming tournament. Ha Ha.

[SH] You should be a professional gamer. Ha Ha. I’m kidding. I am performing in musicals and finished filming a movie.

[JJ] I worked as a solo vocalist for a drama OST. I’m also appearing on variety programs.

[HK] I’m shooting TV Chosun’s ‘Bride Of The Century.’ I’m playing a character called Choi Gangju. I act as a young and single CEO.

[Choi Jonghun]
DOB: 1990 March 7th
Position: Leader, guitar, keyboard
Hobby: Fishing, golf, weight training
Recent Interest: ‘Men’s Health’ shirtless cover
Goal: The best singer songwriter, actor

[Lee Jaejin]
DOB: 1991 December 17th
Position: Bass, vocal
Recent Interest: Studying fashion styling
Goal: Only a musical perfection & studying
Favorites: Live concert, rock festival

[Lee Hongki]
DOB: 1990 March 2nd
Position: Main vocal
Leisure: Pool, ping pong, bowling
Favorite Musician: 30 Seconds To Mars, Marianas Trench
Recent Interest: Live concert
Positive & Negative: The inside and the outside are always the same
Stress Reliever: Talking & playing

[Song Seunghyun]
DOB: 1992 August 21st
Position: Guitar, vocal, rap
Recent Interest: Fashion
Goal: Becoming an established actor
Dream: I want to achieve everything in my 20s

[Choi Minhwan]
DOB: 1992 November 11th
Position: Drum
Recent Interest: Computer game
Goal: Musical & acting
Dream: Get married in my 20s

Are you performing overseas?

[JH] We recently performed in Shanghai. It’s almost like an Asia tour. We are performing in various cities in Asia. We still have to go to Singapore, Thailand and Japan.

How do foreign fans respond?

[MH] We get the best response from Taiwan. 10,000 seats got filled at our recent concert.

[JJ] Our Shanghai concert had 4,000 seats. They wouldn’t let fans stand even though it was a rock concert.

How is FTISLAND on live stage?

[HK] I don’t know how we look on TV programs, but I feel free when I’m performing live. I think all the members feel the same.
[SH] On TV, our performance focuses on the vocalist. That’s why Hongki stands in the center and the rest of us just play our instruments. But it’s different at a concert. Each of us breath with the audience and make our own stage. Everyone party on stage with the same passion.

What is your role in the group?

[SH] We each have a different role. Leader Jonghun looks at the overall picture and makes decisions. Jaejin uses his musical greed and steers us to the right direction when we get tired or fall into a mannerism.

[JJ] Hongki is the mood maker and creates the team’s image. Seunghyun has many talents. He becomes the team’s energy.

[SH] The younger ones follow the older ones’ lead. But Minhwan has some mature side so during hard times, he comforts us like an adult.

How is such relationship possible?

[MH] We first met when we were in middle and high school. We didn’t know anything but just wanted to do music because it’s fun. We have a strength to stay together like a family.

[JJ] We prioritize self-composed songs. It’s common for concept bands to sing someone else’s song both in Korea and overseas. But we now want to fill our albums with our own songs and our own color.

[JH] We want to approach the general public like this. We don’t decide which direction our music should go but we’d be satisfied if people realize that we are doing music for a long time.

What is FTISLAND’s musical color?

[JJ] We are a rock band but we go after various genre. We usually work during the summer and winter. In the summer, we do a fun song and in the winter, we do a sad song. We take in various styles but we are a band with both an energetic strength and an emotional soul.

[HK] Our next album will be the key. We hope you listen to it and judge it yourself.

Compared to other idols or bands, you didn’t have much individual activities.

[JJ] I got here after just playing with my friends. I had much to prepare musically after debut. I didn’t have the time to look elsewhere.

[JH] I didn’t think it was the time. I had to grow musically and fill in what I lacked. The members are now expanding their territories. I also want to show off my different sides this year.

[MH] I don’t want to be on a variety program. I think that’s for people with good reflexes. I prefer to have a playbook, a script and the time to prepare.

What do you dream of trying?

[MH] I want to work hard on acting since I’ve been acting since I was young. I also want to do more musicals. If I get a role that suits my image, I want to do my best.

[SH] I just filmed a movie so I plan to give my all in acting. I didn’t get a chance yet to show off my talents. I want to share everything I have.

[JJ] I want to do everything else after I turn 30. Right now, I want to focus more on music. I like singing and composing. I want to improve my vocal talent and work together with juniors and seniors.

[JH] I think I’ve only been taking care of the team as the team leader. If I get a chance, I want to try acting.

[HK] Acting and music are all important. I can’t slack off on either of them. But lately, I think I need to focus more on music. I get attracted to music.

How do you exercise?

[SH] Jonghun exercises a lot. Just watching him work out scares me. I work with a trainer to stay strong.

[JJ] I do weight training to keep myself from losing too much weight.

[HK] I recently got injured so I’m taking a break from exercising. As soon as I recover, I want to exercise to get a healthy body.

[MH] I had to go shirtless for my recent musical. I like eating and easily gain weight. So I went on a diet and did weight training.

[JH] I exercise when I have the time. I’m not trying to build my body. I just do it because I like exercising. Training became a habit.

How did you get into exercising?

[JH] I began exercising about 3 years ago. At that time, I weighed around 58kg. I wanted to gain weight because I was too skinny. I got angry when I got told I was skinny. I started exercising because I wanted to show a masculine side. I also gained weight.

Do you have an area of focus?

[JH] A man is about the back. So I usually do a deadlift workout. It works your core muscles, makes you stronger and perfects a man’s back.

How do you want to spend the rest of your 20s?

[JJ] We debuted overnight and didn’t really prepare anything before that. We did many things as they came and were busy going after them. Now, I hope to take care of what’s mine. I want to study music more and grow with new experience.

[JH] I think 20s is a good time to learn. It’s an age that easily absorbs and accepts. I want to experience and study many things and unveil a different world in my 30s. I want to learn now and show off my charms later.

[MH] I want to achieve everything in my 20s. I want to do it quickly. I debuted when I was really young and kept running without a break. I want to succeed quickly and form a stable family. My goal is to get married before I turn 30. I want to find a stable life before my 30s.

[HK] 20s is a beautiful age. It can be reckless but I want to spend it well. We didn’t really get to show ourselves as a rock band yet. Like a true rock band, I want to perform at rock festivals and perform live in many different places.

[SH] I’m similar to Minhwan. I want to be at a certain level before I go to army. I want to show as much of my abilities as possible and go to army. Of course, I am confident that I can.


7 years since debut. They are already a successful rock band who have expanded their territory beyond Korea. But they still say they have a lot more to learn. Perhaps today’s success was already decided for them. Never satisfied, and always trying to move forward while comforting eachother. FTISLAND’s success story will continue.

Credit: Men’s Health  + DJ. Pri ;; Twitter @ChocopieK

[Pri-Log] ‘Bride Of The Century’ Ep. 16: Goodbye, Choi Gangju

No, no, no…
This is not happening.
“Bride Of The Century” is finally over.

Overall, however, I was not disappointed.
The series had started out as a feel-good story
and it definitely ended as one.
Also, just as the producer promised,
it answered all questions.

1 year after Doorim left…
I don’t know if this hairstyle is supposed to represent
Gangju finally in his 30s.
(Congrats CEO Choi, you are officially an ahjussi)

But hey, if he’s this good looking,
age is just a number, right?

But the outfit…
are we now going for Count Dracula look?
Is it Halloween already?

Gangju’s “I’m so judging you” look.
In every K-drama set at a department store,
there’s always an ahjumma like this one.

“아줌마. 보아하니 이 명품백이랑 어울리지도 않으시네요. 환불처리해드리세요 / Ahjumma. This designer bag doesn’t even suit you. Refund it for her”

He’s so boss!!

Uh oh, a temptress alert!!
How is Gangju going to diss this one?

“저 결혼했습니다 / I am married”

Gangju says it so proudly too.
I want this man OTL

Our CEO’s shoes…
I thought they were house slippers.

Gangju and baby!!!
So freaking precious!!
I can’t tell which one is cuter

But how is that child still crying?
Hey, do you not realize who is holding you?

This man looks so sexy in a cardigan..
Gangju needs to shoot a coffee CF!!
Maxim model, yeah?

So cute, so precious, so adorable, so lovely…
what more can I say?

I thought I was watching an action movie for a moment…
Introducing detective Hong,
here to solve a cold case!!

I’m still watching that movie..

Still the movie…
I’m so in the mood
except that ring on his finger is now bothering me

Ok, back to “Bride Of The Century.”

The surprised look and the teary eyed smile…
So freaking perfect!!

And the red yarn moment is so genius
I love how it literally ties them together

This looks like “a part” of my wall
Yes, mine is probably 50 times this.

Gangju looking at his loving family…
how can he pull off this adoring daddy look so well??

Hongki, is there something you are not telling us?
Just kidding, just kidding.
I already you are a daddy…
to Primadonnas!!

“너무 늦게 찾아와서 죄송합니다. 정말 죄송합니다  /
I’m sorry I’m here so late. I’m so sorry.”

Gangju’s formal greeting to Doorim’s grandma…
I see nothing but his pretty eyelashes

And then I hear little Gangrim going “daddy, daddy”
I’m crying all over again

진심 너무 잘생기심 ㅠㅠ

“엄마 저깄다 / Mommy is over there”
Daddy Gangju whisphering to Gangrim..
This is just so precious!!

Gangin: This one is going to make a lot of girls cry when he grows up.
Gangju: Don’t worry. He will give his all to just one girl too. Just like me.


And then when Gangin asks a stupid question,
Gangju raises his voice and then checks on Gangrim to see
if he didn’t startle the little one.
Every detail is just so perfect!!!

The Choi brothers~~ ^^
Gagin, thanks for sticking by our Gangju’s side 
throughout the entire drama.
You were great!!

And because there was a close up.

Gangju: Why do you look at me like that?
Doorim: I think you still make my heart beat.
Gangju: Obviously. Once you fall for my charm, you can’t get out.
Who do you think I am?

Yes, Lee Hongki…
I mean Choi Gangju.
Well, both!!
I fell for you and have been stuck in it for the past 7 years.
- sigh sigh -

“나도 너 보면 설레 / You still make my heart beat too”

나도 설레, 막 설레, 너무 설레
Gangju-ssi~~ ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Back to baby Gangju~~
I’m really going to miss this expression on screen.
Hongki, you have to act more often like this in real life too, ok?

“배우면 되지, 그깟 삽질 / I can learn, it’s just shoveling”

And I bet you will look so freaking sexy doing it.

As a critique, this was an obvious K-drama with a very obvious storyline.
And yet, it consistently stuck to its fairytale-like elements.
And that in turn kept me happy throughout.

Thank you for showing us a beautiful love.
Good bye, Choi Gangju~
I’ll miss you~

- DJ. Pri

[Pri-Log] ‘Bride Of The Century’ Ep. 15: My Bleeding Heart Pt. 2

Thank you producer and writer,
This scene was purely heaven sent!!

Gangju is just rolling on his bed,
sweet talking to Doorim on the phone.
His crazy patterend shirt just blending in with his zebra bed sheet..
He just lookes like a really comfortable pillow

"뭐하긴? 너랑 통화하잖아. 네 생각 하면서 / What am I doing? I’m talking to you while thinking about you."

Kyaaaaa!!! *_*
I’m guessing Hongki had to say all this to himself
while shooting this scene.

Such a finger tightening moment
but he sound soo sweet and cute!!!

Gangju: Why aren’t you saying anything?
Are you honored because I called you even though I’m super tired?
Doorim: Thank you for your grace, your highness
Gangju: Just with your words? Sing me a song

I don’t know how I would handle this situation…
Hongki…you are the singer!! 
How dare would I sing to you??!!
And I suck at singing..

Doorim must have felt my pain.
She tells Gangju to go to sleep
but Gangju won’t let her hang up first.

"노래 불러봐봐 / Sing for me"

And then he turns to lie on his stomach…

This scene was heaven sent.

P.S The song that Doorim was singing
is a Korean version of Netherland’s traditional tune
"Pokarekare Ana."
In Korea, the title is “Stormy Sea (Love Song).”

Gangju runs again…

It could be just me..
But I don’t think this style of jacket really suits him.
It just looks like an awkward lab coat on him 

강주씨, 나의 강주씨. 
너무 큰 슬픔은 아니길 바래요.
사랑이 끝난게 아니니까.

보고싶어 견딜수 없는 시간이 와도 견뎌줘요.
내가 강주씨 지켜줄 수 있게.

도망치려는게 아니에요.
단지 나를 찾을 수 없는곳에서 더 많이 사랑하려는 것 뿐이네요.
강주씨를, 그리고 나를 사랑했던 많은 사람들을.

Gangju, my Gangju
I hope this isn’t too much sadness
Because our love isn’t over.

Even if a time comes when you miss me to death, 
please hold on.
So I can protect you.

I’m not trying to run away.
I’m just trying to love you more from a place where you can’t find me.
you and everyone who loved me…
I love you.
Good bye

In sadness, our Gangju writes a poem in his heart.

날 떠난 너도 밉고 널 떠내보낸 세상도 미워
떠날거면 왜 나한테 온거야?
이대로 모든게 멈쳐버렸으면
고통스런 이 시간도
피 흘리는 내 심장도 

Don’t smile
I hate you for leaving me
I hate the world for sending you away
If you were going to leave, why did you come to me?
I wish everything stopped right now
This painful time
My bleeding heart

Shakespeare will cry at this soliloquy

"제발 그 아이만은 / Please not her"

This house spirit needs to stop bothering my baby

oh, good morning!

So. Freaking. Handsome

Another awesome soliloquy to end this episode.

내가 세상에 온 이유 잘 몰랐어요.
그녀가 떠나고 나서야 알게되었죠.
단 한사람, 그사람을 하나를 만나기 위해서라는거.
세상 어딘가에서 서로를 그리워하면서 살아가게 될지라도
긴 기다림도 사랑이 되겠죠.
우린 떨어져 있어도 늘 함께일 거에요.

I didn’t know why I was brought to this world.
But I realized after she left.
It was to meet that one person.
Even if we live on while missing each other,
the long wait will become our love.
Even when we are apart, we will always be together.

'Bride Of The Century' Finale Let's Go!!!

- DJ. Pri 

[Pri-Log] ‘Bride Of The Century’ Ep. 15: My Bleeding Heart Pt. 1

So much for the finale eve.
Nearly a third of this episode was what happened 100 years ago,
and how that is all tied to the house spirit and Yikyung’s mom.
None of it is really related to Gangju, ok?

Gangju ran a lot.
From his car to Doorim’s restaurant,
he looked so small for some reason.
I thought a 5 year old was running into the house to find his mommy. ><
(P.S. He should’ve jumped over chair and the broken flower bass)

Crying out Doorim’s name…
"Na Doorim! Nah Doorim! Wake up! Na Doorim!"

Gangju’s heavy breathing…
and then him whispering “괜찮아? / Are you ok?”

Gangju-ssi, you drive me crazy.

Our CEO Choi has to figure out how to protect Doorim from the “witch hunt.” He tells Secretary Kim and Lumi to call for a press conference, but gets told that’d make the situation worse.

Our smart Choi Gangju, what’s there to do?

Gangju’s solution: Go talk to Yikyung’s mom
Well…he tries.
But this scene didn’t really do much
other than for Gangju to figure out how Yikyung’s mom
totally went mad…and for him to look freaking adorable
while judging her in his mind.

Yihyun, Gangju is judging you too!

"어떤 선택을 하던 두분이 해결해야될 문제야.
일단은 조용히 지켜봐드리는게 두분을 위해서도 좋아 / 
Whatever choice they make, that’s up to the two of them.
For their sake, let’s just wait and see.”

The low-tone husky voice!!
He sounds so mature and understanding…
Gangju got his CEO pose even in his own room!

(I keep seeing that thing on his desk as a christmas tree lol)

"대채 왜 이러세요 어머니? 이러지 마세요 제발 / Why are you doing this, mother? Please don’t do this"

A son facing his mom, who is leaving the family…

After reading Kim Seora’s interview about Hongki,
these two look even more special.
I think I can understand how Seora saw Hongki as her son.
If I had a handsome kid like that….and he confronted me
dressed in a suit…

"왜 자꾸 밀어내기만 하세요? 집안, 학벌, 조건 때문이에요? / Why do you keep pushing her away? Is it because of her family, education and conditions?"

I’d been so disappointed if Gangju’s mother
said “yes” to all that…
Because that’d be soo K-drama cliche.
But her answer really surprised me..
and even Gangju got nothing say to that.

"모두 돌아가세요. 누구라도 저 여자 건드리면 내가 가만히 있지 않을겁니다 / Everyone go back. If anyone touches her, I won’t be just standing by and watching."

My man is completely serious here…

But all the ahjummas in the background
are like “who is this kid?”


Isn’t this supposed to be a different day from previous scenes?
Why is Gangju wearing the same clothes? 

Gangju tells Doorim to go away for awhile…
Omo baby…
do you realize what you are doing??



- DJ. Pri

[FTNews] Kim Seora on Lee Hongki: “I Love Him Like My Son”

Kim Seora reflected on her on-screen teamwork with Lee Hongki.

Kim Seora recently finished shooting for TV Chosun drama ‘Bride Of The Century’ (Written by Baek Youngsook/Produced by Yoon Sangho). ‘Bride Of The Century’ isn’t over yet but because much of the series was pre-produced, the crew could end the shooting early.

In ‘Bride Of The Century,’ Kim Seora played the graceful and beautiful Kim Myunghee. She appeared as Lee Hongki’s mother and showed off an exceptional teamwork. ‘Bride Of The Century’ is already famous for its friendly atmosphere, but many people were jealous of Kim Seora and Lee Hongki’s relationship. In a recent interview with Newsen, Kim Seora compliment her temporary son Lee Hongki.

김서라 이홍기 정해인 모자샷 / 사진: 디딤오삼일 제공

“Our drama had a wonderful shooting environment. It didn’t matter if you were a main or an extra; everyone got along really well. My son, Lee Hongki, especially stood out. I thought he was unique. He seemed to know pretty much everything from being in a show business for a long time. And yet he was still extremely polite to his seniors. I liked that about him.”

For Lee Hongki, ‘Bride Of The Century’ must have been a big challenge. Yes, he has acted before. But for a singer, leading an entire drama as the lead probably wasn’t easy.

“I had nothing to nag Hongki about. He is so unique. When I met with the writer a few days ago, I was asked how I liked Lee Hongki as my son. I said, I really like him. When you look at him closely, he is loyal and friendly. Anyone can be kind to a senior. But as a senior, I can tell if that kindness is sincere or not. Hongki wasn’t just trying to be nice to seniors. He sincerely wanted to get closer to them. He is already a good singer and good actor. But when he tries that hard to be considerate, how can I not love him?”

Kim Seora has acted with hot and young stars including Kim Taehee, Yoo Ah In and Gong Yoo. But she said Hongki is the first one who she really likes

“I’ve recently acted with many young stars. Gong Yoo, Kim Taehee, Yoo Ah In…they are all great actors. But I liked Hongki as more than an actor. He’s so special. I don’t think Hongki will forget either. I loved him like a real son. I actually feel sorry to my own son. Do you think my son will get upset?”

We asked Kim Seora for an honest answer. Lee Hongki’s original job is a singer. When a singer tries acting, we often get a disappointing result. How did a veteran actress think of actor Lee Hongki?

“His original job is a singer. Isn’t he really good at singing? Just listening to his songs brings tears to my eyes. I can’t say his acting is perfect. But he really works hard and I see a possibility. I think it’s a matter of time. I’m sure I can find his flaws if I have to, but nothing beats an effort. As long as you tackle a task with the right mind, you will be rewarded. “

Just as Kim Seora said, Lee Hongki worked hard on ‘Bride Of The Century.’ He also treated his senior actors with kindness and sincerity. Veteran actress Kim Seora looked after him and cherished him. She stood by his side and complimented him so he can shine as an actor. A friendly senior-junior relationship like this has surely done good for the drama as well as for the viewers.

Source: Newsen + DJ. Pri // Twitter @ChocopieK

[Pri-Log] ‘Bride Of The Century’ Ep. 14: Doorim Had A Little Lamb

A major cliffhanger at the end of this episode!!
Something terrible happened 100 years ago and led to all this current mess..

I’m so impressed by how quickly everything is coming to a full circle.
But it looks like we still need to wait until the very last episode to see the full picture.
Until then, I AM CONFUSED!!

Gangju finished up his confession to Doorim with another squee-worthy line:

“할머니 손녀딸 나두림이 없으면 제가 안될것 같아서요 /
I don’t think I’ll  be ok without your granddaughter, Na Doorim”

CEO Choi is busier than ever.
He’s not even looking up now.

“야 갑자기 왜 이래? 신성한 사무실에서…/ What are you doing in this holy office?”

The froggy eyes again!!

땡글땡글 귀여워 미치겠다 

Gangju looks so happy and cute.
This is on-screen bliss~~

A classy PR play from the Sun Group.
CEO Choi holds a news conference
and confesses about his grandmother’s crime on camera.

"어떠한 비난도 달게 받겠습니다. 법적, 도덕적 책임 또한 피해가지 않겠습니다. 유가족에게 진심으로 고개숙여 사죄하고 용서를 빌겠습니다 / We’ll welcome any criticism. We will not avoid legal and civil responsibilities. We will sincerely apologize to the victim’s family and ask for forgiveness."

This man can so be the president of South Korea if he wanted to.
He’s got my vote!!
Anyone else?

Two points about this scene.

First, this was the major lesson of the day kind of a moment for me.
When Gangju persuades his mother that they must do the right thing and tell the truth,
he also assures her that he’d tell his father.
But the mother insists that she’ll do the difficult task..
And when she does, she learns that her husband knew about this all along.

The power of a family!
No matter what happens, they will always be the one to trust you and protect you.

Second, I hope to see a realistic result of this bombshell.
If nothing happens to the company (to its stock, investors, police investigation whatever)

this drama officially becomes a fairy tale.

Now to the best scene of this entire episode!!

The baby face just got even younger…
I seriously screamed out so loud when Doorim got to pat his cheeks.
Those cute cheeks,
I really wanna pinch them.

"근데 왜 사람들은 여기서 자는거야? 멀쩡한 집 놔두고 / 
Why do people sleep here? What’s wrong with their home?”

Such a typical chaebol question. XD
Welcome to the new world, baby~

CF-worthy moment.

It’s just Sikhye…
But Gangju just turned it into the 
BEST DRINK in the world.

Note: Sikhye is a traditional sweet rice drink in Korea

Doorim did pretty much everything here
I always dreamed of doing with Hongki.

Making him the sheep head towel wrap, watching him drink Sikhye and cracking egg on his head.

This is like Primadonna-ing on behalf of all Pris!
Lucky lucky Doorim

털홍 is back!!!

I missed his hairy legs.
Almost forgot about them all winter. 

I can’t tell which one is the adult of these two.
I’m just labeling them the big baby and the little baby.

The little baby needs a sit down with me.
How dare you not listen to Mr. Choi Gangju??!!

“내가 비즈니스맨이야 / I’m a businessman”

Gangju’s solution: $10 bill for snacks

I’m surprised Gangju even has cash in his pocket.
Isn’t it all about mobile credit/debit card these days?
Ahjussi, you gotta keep up!!

P.S. Oppa, buy me snacks too, yeah?

“여기 제 자리입니다/ This is my spot”

This face, I can’t xD
Yes, he was trying to get the strange man away from Doorim…
but I think the real point of this part was..

HongStar butt in the air!!

Those expressions + sheep head
This sauna scene is honestly one of the best scenes ever!!

Hongki’s charm just keeps pouring out and overflowing…
The sauna outfit is so freaking ugly
and yet he shines!!

I kinda understand why Hongki said he has to lose weight now…
Yeap, we are losing some of his jawline

His sexy jawline, I love!!
CEO Choi is currently basking in the sunlight~
Please wait patiently while he refuels his radiance

Another super fan girl jealous moment..
Gangju asks Doorim to tie his necktie for him.

Hey excuse me,
if you have your face out like that…
this is entering a danger zone.
I just might have a heart attack!!


Gangju’s “last” rendez-vous with Yikyung,
My palms were sweating like crazy
because I was worried Gangju was getting poisoned.

Yikyung called Gangju and told him that
she’s leaving for Sydney the next day..
and Gangju stopped by while on his way to Doorim’s house
to formally introduce himself to Doorim’s grandma.

Mister, you have to drive.

Even just one sip is unacceptable…
But he looks sooo sexy!!

I’m still so confused about this ending..
Why the heck did the house spirit lock in Gangju?
Was she protecting him
while she went to bring out the real evil?

We shall find out!!

- DJ. Pri

[Pri-Log] ‘Bride Of The Century’ Ep. 13: Can’t Touch CEO Choi Pt. 3

the best official proposal announcement EVER!!!

"I met a girl. At first, I had no feelings or interest. It was a case of an arranged marriage. But as time passed, I started to fall for her. She was my first love. We almost broke up because of the rumor about our family. I tried to send her away but she didn’t leave my side. The two of us had our own wedding. With the blessing from the sun, the wind and trees, we promised love and future. I, Choi Gangju, will introduce you the person who I want to spend the rest of my life with. Her name is Na Doorim. 

I totally love this look Gangju has at the end.
He’s so proud of himself.

Good job!!

A complete scenery change!!
Gangju gets out of his suit…and turns into a stalker?

"야 꼴통. 아침부터 어디가? / Hey dumbo, where are you going early in the morning?"

What’ up with this random visit early in the morning?
But I would totally NOT be creeped out
if this cutie was at my door

"저기요, 제 말 안들리세요? Excuse me, can’t you hear me?"

This is 100% Hongki


Ok, so I’m a little sad
that Hongki got a hair cut.
Although I love his new rock star punk look,
this bowl look is sooo freaking adorable!!!

Following Doorim to the hospital…
Did anyone else die laughing??

And then he freaks out 
because Doorim put fish on Yihyun’s rice bowl.

It seriously killed me
when he just barged into the restaurant
and quickly composed himself in front of Doorim’s grandma.



"누구 마음대로? 내 허락없인 아무데도 못가. 알았어? /
Who said you can? You can’t go anywhere without my permission. Got it?”

"네가 올 수 없다면 내가 갈께 /
If you can’t come, I’ll go to you”

"이제와서 인사할께. 난 최강주라고 해. 만나서 반갑다 / 
I’ll introduce myself now. I’m Choi Gangju. Nice to meet you.”

Oppa~~~~~ Hug me too

- DJ. Pri

[Pri-Log] ‘Bride Of The Century’ Ep. 13: Can’t Touch CEO Choi Pt. 2

“내 몸에 손대지 마. 이런 장난 재미 없으니까 / Don’t touch me. I’m not amused”


This drama is seriously the death of me.
Sometimes, I just forget to breath.

P.S. Hongki’s long and beautiful eyelashes
Are you a goddess?

Nobody can touch CEO Choi Gangju
EXCEPT FOR Yihyun?!!?

Omo, Gangju…
Were you interested in that area?


Oh dear the height difference…
It looks like Yihyun can easily swallow Gangju.

More scared look…
Why is Hongki so good at this??!!
His eyes really look like he got the wind knocked out of him.

Anyways, Gangju was so popular with the Yi family on this episode.
First, Yikyung’s mom.

So laid back and chill.
Like yeah woman, you are in my territory!!

“폭탄 갖고 있는거 뻔히 아는데 자폭할 생각 없습니다 / I know you have a bomb. I have no intention to set it off on my own.”

And then Yihyun.

A real man gotta have his legs crossed.

“속이고 기만하고 우롱했죠 / Doorim lied to me, deceived me and mocked me”

Too serious and too sexy!!
Totally rocking the CEO pose in blue jacket!!

After a series of random visits, 
Gangju returns the favor on Doorim.

“마지막으로 물어볼께. 나랑 멀리 도망쳐서 살래? / 
I’ll ask you one last time. Will you run away with me?”

So bold & dangerous ><

I half expected Gangju to be drunk because he was at Doorim’s place so randomly…
But he was completely sober and sincere
and that made this scene even more wonderful!!

“네 심장은 방탄유리인가 보네. 매번 튕겨내는거 보면 /
Your heart must be a bullet-proof glass. It always throws it back out.”

Ahhhh, another cheesy drama line!!
I can’t but Gangju makes me fall for it!!
Gangju-ssi brings out the girly girl in me

Doorim’s line in this scene was basically what we all want to say to Hongki…

Doorim: “You have a strong aura and you are super smart. I’m telling you this now but other than your little cold personality, you have more positives than negatives. And…”

Doorim: “I’ll be cheering for you whereever you are.”

Lee Hongki, I’ll be cheering for you always & forever.

Was this supposed to be an official breakup scene?

- DJ. Pri

[Pri-Log] ‘Bride Of The Century’ Ep. 13: Can’t Touch CEO Choi Pt. 1

Hongki is back as a rockstar.
He got a haircut and nail arts; graduated from Choi Gangju.

It feels strange to know that all shooting for ‘Bride Of The Century’ is finished,
when we still have one more week left.

So without further due, let’s go back to episode 13.

More revelations for Gangju…
He learns about Yikyung’s final hidden card:
his grandmother is a killer.

I really love Hongk’s surprised look..
His eyes get so big and round like a puppy.
He looks even cuter in this white labcoat that makes him look like a 12 year old.
If it was yellow, he’d look like a kindergartner.

“수 틀어지면 판 다 깨버리는 수가 있어 / If anything goes wrong, I could just end it all”

That’s definitely not something a kindergartner would say.
But so perfect for sexy and hot CEO Choi Gangju!

“똑똑히 새겨 들어. 팽팽하게 양쪽에서 잡고 있는 줄, 내가 먼저 놓아버리면 넘어지는건 너도 마찬가지야 /
Listen carefully. If l let go of this string first, you will fall too.”

Know your place Yikyung!!

More labcoat scene with Gangju at home spilling the bean to his mother and promising to marry Yikyung.

All this…to protect his father.

I think I counted Gangju say ‘father’ 6 times in this scene…
My heart ached every time v_v
Hongki’s voice just makes this endearing word even more special…

CEO Choi at work!!
My man looks so sexy working hard in a suit!

Take a look at all that work load.
I wonder if Hongki was actually understanding any of that.

“티 안낼려고 애쓰는 것 처럼 보여? 나 태양구룹 후계자야. 짝퉁 여자애 하나 때문에 회사를 위험해 빠트릴것 같아? 그만한일 아무것도 아니야. 아무일도 아니기 때문에 아무일도 없었던 것처럼 구는거야. /
Do I look like I’m pretending to be fine? I’m the Sun Group’s heir. Do you think I’ll put my company at risk because of a fake girl?
That’s nothing. That’s why I’m acting like nothing happened.”

Another cheesy line that only Choi Gangju could say!
Was it really necessary for him to say that he’s the Sun Group’s heir.
Yes, we know Gangju.
The whole world knows.
But his charisma~~ *_*

More CEO pose~
He looks so irritated here.
Why are you here? I’m busy. I don’t have time for you.

Doesn’t his shirt look really familiar?
Gangju was wearing it just “yesterday!”

Dear stylist, I hope you didn’t think throwing on a different jacket will fool us.
Unless this is a really creative way to show that Gangju is too busy,
and don’t even have time to change..
I say BS!!

I really do like this jacket by the way.
It’s sort of a military style ^_^

“진작에 찾아 뵙어야 됬는데 늦었습니다. 하루빨리 쾌차하시길 바랄께요 /
I should’ve visited you sooner. I hope you get better soon”

Gangju throws in a cordial expression from a Hallmark card
and then gets shut down.
It looks like Gangju knew what he was doing too and don’t even care.

Is this a hospital or a runway?
Hongki jus shines!!

Hands in pockets,
strong glare…
My man can totally be a suit model!!

OMG the death stare.
The “you are ruining my moment” look!
His eyes just say it all.

“구경꾼도 없는데 더 이상 쇼할 필요 없잖아 /
No need to put on a show when there’s no audience”

Even William Shakespeare would shed tears at this line 

But to his father, he’s just a little boy.

Gangju’s smile is SO ADORABLE!!!!!

Hongki is just playing a 7 year old in a suit, right?
There’s no way this baby face is about to head a company and get married!!
You will sweetheart,
but just not now…

Is this a photoshoot?
Omo Omo Omo
Seriously a suit model!!

- DJ. Pri

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