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[Pri-Log] 121008 FT Island on MBC Starry Night

* This broadcast was audio only*

It took less than a fraction of a second for them to steal my heart six years ago. And they still haven’t given it back to me. In fact, they are getting better at playing with it.

How dare you??!! 

Yet, these guys aren’t even showing a hint of apology. In fact, this is what I get in return.

JH: “Hey, don’t be hurt because of me! Don’t!”

Erm…crazy much?

JH: “This is just me yelling.”

HK: “Don’t you think about…er, what?”

JJ: “What’s wrong with you people?”

HK: “Don’t you think about rejecting me. I’m probably the best out of all the guys you’ll meet.”

JJ: “Don’t you make eye contact with another guy. Don’t ask why. I just don’t like it.”

MH: “Are you interested in me? You must like a handsome guy.”

SH: “Hey you, don’t get sick. I don’t want to see you whining.”

They all suck at this. But are we even surprised? They are FT Island, joining lovely Younha on the set of her radio show 
MBC ‘Younha’s Starry Night.’ 

[pics] 121008 FT Island - MBC FM Younhas Starry Night

** Hello To Best Friend FT Island

YH: “Hello, FT Island. How have you all been? I missed you.”

HK: - says something inaudible and something terribly informal - 

YH: “Excuse me, Hongki?”

HK: “There’s no formal language in America…”

JJ: “Hey Hongki, how have you been?”

HK: “I’ve been well.”

YH: “Hongki can do whatever because he is my senior. You were a child actor. ‘Magic Kid Matsuri.’”

YH: “What’s new with you guys? Have you been traveling between Korea and Japan?”

HK: “No, not recently.”

YH: “You were in Korea?”

HK: “Yes, we were promoting our album and the song with Jaejin’s heart, ‘I wish.’”

YH: “Did Jaejin write the lyrics for it?

HK: “No, but it’s about Jaejin’s experience.”

YH: “Something happened, right?”

SH: “Of course. There were love and goodbye.”

JJ: “Hey, can you not force it?”

YH: “But this is normal for your age. And Primadonnas are very understanding about that.”

Younha said FT Island last appeared on her radio show back in February. So this visit comes after 10 months.  Minhwan had a different calculation.


MH: “It’s after 8 months.”

HK: “Wouldn’t the producers know better than you Minhwan?”

MH: “Hasn’t it been 8 months? They say 8 months is correct.”

JH: “This makes us not best friends.”

Totally owned.

YH: “So you’ve been going on other radio shows during that 8 months and made ‘Starry Night’ your last stop.”

HK: “That makes us feel sad if you say it like that.”

YH: “I’m sad.”

HK: “But we don’t make the schedule.”

YH: “Of course. But I’m glad to have you all here. I heard you all wanted to come on ‘Starry Night.’”

YH: “Seunghyun acted out a love scene with me for ‘Younha & Younger guy.’”

SH: “Yes. It was so much fun.”

HK: “It looked awkward to me.”

SH: “It was. But it was my first time.”

YH: “I didn’t have any chance to get close with Seunghyun.”

HK: “Seunghyun thinks he’s close with you.”

YH: “We are, we are. I’m close with everyone in FT Island but I don’t think I’ve had a lot of chance to talk to Seunghyun.”

HK: “Make this your chance.”

 “Yes, since we’ll see each other every day through Friday.”

** Five Treasure Box


 “There’s so much to talk about your fourth official album. It’s the first one in three years. This must feel special for you all.”

HK: “Yes but, as you know, we’ve only released official albums when we first debuted. That was so hard on us. And even for mini-album, FNC likes to fill each album with as many songs as possible for the value-sake at least. Even our mini-album has 8 songs. This official album has even more but…”

YH: “I see. I’m looking at your album right now…”


 “Excuse me, Ms. DJ! I’m talking but you are being loud Jaejin looking at album jackets.”

YH: “When were we being loud? We were quiet.”

YH: “FT Island have always presented packed albums. Even jackets for this album are packed. How many are there?”

FT Island: “We don’t know. Maybe 18…”

YH: “Each of you are in your own room, I mean, your box. It’s a box, right?”

HK: “The box is our room.”

YH: “Ah, Five Treasure Box”

JH: “You can post those pictures up in your room.”

YH: “Ah, I see. And the pictures are so pretty.”

FT Island: “Yeah.”

YH: “What does Five Treasure Box mean?”

SH: “Five Treasure Box means, Jaejin will explain.”

YH: “Did Jaejin make this? Was it your idea, Jaejin?”

JJ: “No, I didn’t. Our team name is FT Island. And this album has many songs that were written and composed by us. Almost 70% of them are ours. So the album has a lot of individual styles that each of us wants to show. We wanted to show that through our individual rooms.”

YH: “Ah, Hongki wrote lyrics for several songs too.”

HK: “Yes, I think I have a talent with writing lyrics.”

YH: “’Life,’ ‘Compass,’ and ‘Stay with me.’ Where did you get your inspirations? A lot must have happened while you had your time off.”

HK: “Love, goodbye, meeting…something like that.”

SH: “He’s so good at writing them.”

YH: “Yeah, I know. I was so surprised reading these. I didn’t know Hongki had this in him.”

HK: “It was fun. But it’s also really hard when nothing comes out. Writing for ‘Compass’ was quick. It took me maybe 10 or 15 minutes. ‘Stay with me’ took me three days.”

YH: “September isn’t so long ago. You aren’t talking about last month, right?”

HK: “No.”

YH: “Really?”

HK: “Seriously, no.”

YH: “Then September of which year?”

 “I don’t know.”


YH: “Choi Jonghun also composed. And Jaejin composed and wrote ‘Paper Plane.’ Jaejin, what kind of a song is it?”

JJ: “Paper plane.”

YH: “I asked what kind of a song it is.”

JJ: “It’s a song with a slight twist. When you first hear it, you may wonder what it’s about. But it’s a song with hope. Paper plane is weak. It can break in winds but it’s saying lets fly again.”

YH: “Almost all of these songs are by members. Seunghyuna and Minhwan composed ‘Wanna Go.’ This album must feel really special to you guys.”

HK: “Yes. So instead of promoting our title song on radio shows or T.V. shows, we ask people to love our album.”

YH: “Yes, it’s difficult for featured songs to shine lately. But I’m sure FT Island fans will really love this album.”

** Title Song: ‘I wish’


 “The lyrics is about a guy who never really loved anyone until he meets this one girl and falls completely head over heels.”

HK: “This story is similar to Jaejin’s.”

 “Why do you keep do this to me?”

HK: “When Jaejin first debuted, he never had a girlfriend. But then, just like the lyrics, how should I say this? Someone punched holes into his eyes.”

 “You mean my eyes opened.”

HK: “Yes, his eyes got opened to love. But then afterwards, his eyes kept opening.”

YH: “And they get bigger.”

MH: “He even sleeps with his eyes opened.”

JH: “What, he does?”

JJ: “Are you sure?”

MH: “No.”

YH: “Aw Jaejin, what happened to you? But Jaejin is really friendly.”

JH: “Yes, and that’s why he can be dangerous.”

HK: “He approaches you nicely but then turns around cold.”

YH: “He’s like a big brother who takes good care of you.”

JH: “That’s right.”

HK: “But you aren’t dating him.”

YH: “Right.”

HK: “That’s why he’s nice.”

YH: “Ah, so he turns bad to his girlfriend. This is ironic. But the song is about falling in love with just one girl. How are you guys with love in real life? I feel like Jonghun would do this.”

JH: “I fall but I don’t dedicate myself entirely. I do that slowly. “

YH: “So you dedicate yourself as you realize she is the one?”

JH: “Yes.”

MH: “But the lyrics say the guy never looked at any other girls. That’s not Jonghun at all.”

 “I look at them all. Everyone is a surprise.”

HK: “That’s kind of like me.”

JJ: “Yes, that’s Hongki.”

HK: “But I have different way of looking than these guys.”

 “But Jonghun has something in his eyes that attracts girls.”

And just like that, we skip Hongki. 


 “Yes, Jonghun has that. He had it since he was young.”

 “Someone who watched us on stage actually said Jonghun has gotten sexy.”

YH: “But Jonghun has always been sexy. He was sexy when I first met him too. “

HK: “Yeah, his looks and personality are like…”

YH: “ When he is holding his guitar, it drives me crazy.”

 “It’s good for a guitarist to be sexy.”

YH: “Yes, of…of course. Why am I stuttering today?”

** Other Activities

YH: “Hongki, you are in a movie. What kind of a movie is it?

HK: “It’s called ‘Our,’ no, ‘Phoenix.’ That’s the temporary title. It’s like a human drama about a hospice. It’s comic but also sad.”

YH: “Hospice sounds like a scary place to me. What’s your role?”

HK: “I’m the main character. At first, I’m a snobby celebrity. But then I cause a trouble and go to hospice to volunteer. And it’s about what happens there. There’s not much about my job as a celebrity.”

JH: “Okay, enough. You can promote it later.”

YH: “Jonghun controls Hongki.”

 “Just like a leader should.”

YH: “Seunghyun was in a musical, ‘Jack the Ripper.’”


SH: “Yes, I wrapped it up recently.”

YH: “Good job.”

SH: “Thank you.”

YH: “How was it? The storyline is a bit psychotic.”

SH: “Yes.”

HK: “But he is.”

YH: “He doesn’t look like it.”

SH: “It was really hard at first because the role wasn’t for my age. But because I was young, I could show off young acting.”

JJ: “He really did well. We went to see him. And it’s not easy for us to compliment our member but he did a good job.”

HK: “Jaejin, then can you compare your character ‘Dong Seok’ from ‘Sonagi’ to Seunghyun…”

JJ: “Without question, I did better. He’s no competition.”

MH: “This must be how he is when he’s dating.”

YH: “It feels weird.”

JJ: “It feels very quiet and weird.”

FT Island introduced their gift for listeners. Five lucky listeners who text messages to the station will get FT Island 3-set: autographed album, Polaroid photo, and gift card for sneakers. 

Younhwa pointed out how much Minhwan improved with reading scripts. Before, it would take him at least 10 minutes just to find his part.

Jaejin introduced the title song with the usual “it’s a song with a twist” description.

- ‘I wish’ by FT island -

** FT Island’s Teamwork

YH: “Each of you have a really different charm from each other. Do you get along?”

HK: “I think we wouldn’t have gotten along if we were similar.”

YH: “But this way you guys can compliment each other.”

 “Yeah, we are so different. As you can see, I’m really different from the rest four. Jaejin is different.”

YH: “Isn’t Jaejin the normal one?”

MH: “He looks normal, right? But there’s the twist.”

 “People who look normal are the most scary ones.”

YH: “Really? What’s up with Jaejin?”

HK: “Seunghyun is super innocent as of now. He’s really pure. And Minhwan seems kind of stupid.  Jonghun is just really good at stuff.”


JH: “I’m fully ripened.”

YH: “Isn’t Jonghun like the dad in the group?”

HK: “No, he’s not.”

JH: “I’m not, Hongki?”

 “He’s the mom.”

 “I’m the mom.”

HK: “He cooks.”

JH: “Ah, I cook.”

 “You cook for them?”

 “But he doesn’t clean!”

YH: “If he cooks, shouldn’t other members clean?”

HK: “But he cooks like fried eggs.”

JJ: “No, he makes stuff looking up recipes.”

HK: “Yeah, that’s how we get chicken breast.”

** Sense Talk

Younha asks a question and counts to three. Then the members should name the member that fits the question at the same time.

HK: “We like this kind of games.”

YH: “It’s kind of like an image game.”

JJ: “I’m getting nervous.”

YH: “This could divide up the group.”

Q 1: Who experienced break up most recently?

FT Island: Jaejin!!!

JJ: “Hongki! Hongki!”

YH: “Who is it Jaejin? Why didn’t you tell me?”

JJ: “I’ll tell you later.”

YH: “Let’s talk later.”

Q 2: Who looked the most depressed after a break up?

FT Island: Jonghun!!!

YH: “Really?”

HK: “He’s the worst.”

JJ: “It can’t get any worse.”

YH: “But he seems like he won’t even bleed a drop when poked by a needle.”

JJ: “Right? But he’ll spray blood.”

 “I spray water.”

YH: “I thought I knew you.”

Q 2: Who is most messy?

MH: Seunghyun!

He was the only one who yelled out and he felt awkward. ㅡㅡ;; 

HK: “This one is hard because we live two and three.”

JJ: “But I pick Seunghyun. He tends to put his clothes wherever.”

YH: “Just like he is shedding?”

Q 3: Who has the most girl contacts on his cell phone?

SH: “
This one is for sure. Shall we go to the right?”

YH: “One, two, three!”

FT Island: 

JJ: “Hey, this honestly isn’t me.”

HK: “This is Jonghun.”

YH: “I think Jaejin will have a lot of girl contacts.”

JH: “Don’t picture me that way.”

 “Jaejin’s gets updated the most often.”

 JJ: “That’s because I have a lot of friends lately.”

YH: “I think you would too. But many of them are girls, right? What kind of friends are they?”

YH: “And Jonghun, do you exchange numbers often too?”

JH: “I don’t easily but it ends up being easy.”

FT Island: “What does that mean?”

JH: “I mean I don’t ask but…”

YH: “You don’t ask for numbers but everyone else asks for yours. So in conclusion, I’m so freaking popular.”

JJ: “Everyone asks for it.”

HK: “I think he asks himself.”

YH: “Thinking about it, I think I asked him for his number too.”

Q: Which member cries the most often?

FT Island: Minhwan

YH: “Ah, Minhwan.”

- Minhwan starts sobbing -

YH: “The youngest always cries the most easily.”

Q: Who acts the most differently on and off camera?

HK: Jaejin and Minhwan.

YH: “Really? Erm…really? Jaejin, what are you really?”

JJ: “This is what I think lately. They all picked me as the target. Everywhere they go, they always just talk about me.”

HK: “No, we don’t. You have to admit this one is you.”

JJ: “How am I different? I just don’t show much on camera. I’m not popular!”

HK: “You are good with showing of personal talents at home but you don’t do them on air.”

JJ: “Those I really can’t do on camera.”

HK: “But you are so good at them.”

JJ: “I’m shy.”

HK: “Show us something.”

JJ: “Show what?”

HK: “K-Will imitation.”

JJ: “I need my throat to be in a good condition to do that. I’ll do it later.”

Q: Who changes the most in front of a girl?

FT Island: Jonghun

JH: Hongki

JJ: “It is Hongki.”

HK: “Why me? Why me?”

JJ: “Don’t pretend you don’t.”

HK: “Hey, that’s not it. It’s different between a girl I like and just any girl.”

JJ: “But you have a lot of those.”

YH: “I see. I don’t feel too good about being any girl.”

It’s time to talk about all this.

** Jaejin’s Breakup


YH: “Jaejin, are you okay?”

JJ: “I actually didn’t get to go out with her for that long. We ended up saying goodbye just when I finally thought I was going to like her. We didn’t have enough trust for each other and concluded we weren’t happy. But then Hongki ended up talking about it on air the very next day. He kept teasing it like Jaejin likes iced latte. So I just said it.”

HK: “It was ranked number 1 on the most searched topic online. Didn’t you see it? ‘Lee Jaejin breakup?’”

YH: “Wait, that Lee Jaejin was this Lee Jaejin?”

JJ: “Yes, that was me.”

YH: “I see. Jaejin, you’ll definitely meet a better person soon.”


YH: “And you talk about it so confidently. Your fans must be upset.”

JJ: “But it wasn’t so bad.”

YH: “Because you weren’t really deep into the relationship, right?

JJ: “Right. It ended just when I was about to give my heart. So that was fortunate.”

YH: “You’ll meet a better person soon. The way I see it, there are many good girls around Jaejin.”

HK: “Are you sure?”

YH: “Yes, there are many good girls around him, including me.”

** Jonghun: the very definition of “sad”


JH: “I’ll say it first. I get lonely easily. So there is a huge difference between when I’m single and when I’m not. I think I really spend each day pitifully.”

YH: “What are you like when you have a girlfriend and when you don’t?”

JH: “When I have one…”

 “His posture straightens.”

YH: “When he has someone?”

HK: “But when he doesn’t, he gets all…I can’t explain this in words.”

YH: “He slouches and puts his head down.”

 “And he often says he’s lonely.”

YH: “So when he does have a girlfriend…”

 “He always smiles.”

YH: “Is he the type to be with her all the time?”

HK: “Yes, almost.”

JJ:  “He calls her often too.”

YH: “So whenever he doesn’t have schedule. Even when he is tired…”

HK: “No. He doesn’t meet her when he is tired. He is good at taking care of himself.”

YH: “Wow. That must be hard.”

YH: “Jonghun, what did you do when you felt most pitiful?”

JH: “I just went somewhere nice with fresh air. And I just think by myself.”

HK: “And he comes home drunk.”

JH: “The saddest thing to do is to drink wine alone while watching TV.”

YH: “That’s not too bad.”

HK: “What Jonghun said is correct. He drinks wine at home watching Infinite Challenge or something. He doesn’t even laugh. He just keeps drinking. So I ask him what he’s doing and he lets out a sign. And then once he gets drunk, he hugs me and cries that he’s lonely. He’s like ‘Hongki~’”


JH: “Let’s move on.”

YH: “But every one of you picked Jonghun without hesitation. He must’ve been really pitiful.”

** Messy Member

We skip this question because the explanation is boring.
No, really. That’s what Younha and FT Island said. I’m just translating. ^^V

** Jaejin’s Many “Girlfriends”

This is a recent thing.

JJ: “It’s weird. I used to like staying home alone but then I started to follow the older ones.”

HK: “Can you take out the part about following us.”

JJ: “But that’s how it started. Hongki introduces me to many good people. So then I realized it’s pointless to stay in. So I go out and hang out with people.”

HK: “Isn’t 91-line the reason?”

JJ: “Right. I meet friends of my own age. There are many celebrities among them too. So I get to meet a lot of new people.”

YH: “Who are your close friends?”

JJ: “I recently went to a birthday party with Nicole and Key. They are my closest friends.”

YH: “Did just three of you have a party?”

JJ: “No, a lot of people came.”

YH: “Okay. Jaejin, you are really well known for your good relationship with people. He’s really nice to them.”

JJ: “Thank you.”

YH: “Jonghun also has many girl contacts.”

JH: “I have girls and guys.”

JJ: “Hongki has a lot of guy contacts.”

YH: “Hongki is so out-going.”

HK: “Yeah, I’m really close with guys. I honestly don’t have many girl contacts.”
YH: “I think you would.”

 “I want to know but I get too shy to ask. And even when I manage to ask, they get shy too and miss out on the chance.”

YH: “I really want to hang out with Hongki but he’s always with guys. So that’s awkward for me. But I’m sure he’ll meet a good girl soon.”

** Crybaby Minhwan


YH: “What were you so sad about?”

MH: “I don’t think I cry that much.”

HK: “Yes, you do.”

JJ: “I think Minhwan is really pure.”

HK: “I’m really jealous of Minhwan’s sensitivity towards feelings. He can express his emotions with his eyes. I’m so jealous of that. I got xerophtalmia so I can’t cry.”

YH: “But you still act well.”

HK: “It’s hard when I act a crying scene.”

YH: “What do you think about this Minhwan?”

MH: “There is only one reason I cry. It’s because of members.”

JJ: “That’s right.”

MH: “I get so upset over one thing they say.”

 “You cry because you get upset? I thought you were gonna say you cry because you are moved.”

HK: “We only tell him off because he keeps saying the same thing over and over again.”

YH: “What does he say?”

HK: “Whenever he gets drunk, he always says the same thing.”

YH: “Minhwan really wanted to drink when he was young. And now he finally can. How is it Minhwan?”

MH: “It’s okay.”

JJ: “Nice.”

YH: “Do you think you can let out your true feelings when you drink?”

MH: “I’m such an introvert. So when I drink, my personality comes out. One time, I got so caught up on one thing so I kept repeating that over and over.”

YH: “What did you say?”

MH: “It was about work. We were talking about what we all think, and I guess I had something I’ve been keeping to myself for a long time. So I kept saying that over and over.”

HK: “This is what Minhwan said. ‘I’ll only play drums and make our team go forward. I think that’s the right thing to do. I don’t want to follow the trend of trying out different genres.’ Even when we tried to explain it to him, he cut us off and repeated the entire thing from the beginning.”

JJ: “He was like ‘I’m satisfied with just being in FT Island.’”

HK: “Even CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa gave up trying to convince him.”

JJ: “The older members tried to make Minhwan understand. But I just ended up yelling at him and that’s why he cried. And then we went to put Minhwan to bed and gave him a hug.”

HK: “We told him, ‘good night and you know we love you, right?’ And then he just started bawling.”

JJ: “It was so adorable!”

YH: “Aw Minhwan. But they say drum is the most important part of a band. They call it the gold drum.”

JJ: “Gold drum?”

YH: “They say gold drum and silver bass. Minhwan, your role is very important. So we wish you the best.”

** Back to the guy on the hot seat lately: Jaejin

Jaejin got called out again as the member who acts differently on camera from when he’s off camera.

JJ: “I know what members are talking about. I’m shy on camera but I’m actually very active. For example, when we go to a club, I have the most fun.”

JH: “Jaejin is really the mood maker.”

JJ: “But when I’m on camera, I don’t know. It’s scary.”

YH: “Jaejin definitely has that feeling of a host.”

JH: “Really?”

YH: “I don’t mean that host. I mean host as in guest and host.”

JH: “I was so shocked that you suddenly went that way.”

YH: “People! I don’t mean the job host. I mean the difference between guest and host. When I meet Jaejin, he tends to decide the mood. He leads conversations and changes topics.”

JJ: “Yes, this turned out good.”

YH: “I think he’ll do a really good job if he DJs or MCs with close friends.”

** Hongki Changes In Front of Girls

JH: “Hongki acts really shy in front of girls.”

YH: “Isn’t that cute?”

JH: “It’s cute. And some girls fall for that.”

YH: “He fools around a lot and plays tricks on girls.”

JH: “Girls always like that.”

 “I don’t.”

HK: “I shouldn’t play tricks on you.”

YH: “I’m kidding.”

: “Okay, so this is the end of our sense talk. Did you think you guys were honest?”

FT Island: “We were very honest.”

JH: “We are always a bomb.”

JJ: “But if I think about it, when we met 8 months ago, I remember you had a really hard time with us because we were so loud. But this time, we are quiet…”

YH: “We’ve grown older since then. We are getting quieter.”

HK: “I have to save my throat.”

- Jaejin cracks up -

 “Are you laughing t me?”

 “Okay, okay. Hongki is so cute whatever he does. So cute!”

Hongki introduces ‘Stay with me.’ He wrote the lyrics based on his experience. He thought he was doing his best for girl but that was too much for her.

- ‘Stay with me’ by FT Island - 

** FT Island’s Dream


YH: “FT Island say their dream is to conquer the world. How far are you willing to go?”

JH: “We really want to literally conquer the world. And last year, we went to perform in LA with CNBLUE.”

MH: “That was this year.”

JH: “It was this year. We’ve had this fear about America but after we went there and got positive response, we’ve started to plan….”

HK: “We just want to be indie.”

JH: “It doesn’t matter if we succeed or not. We aren’t doing it to make money.”

HK: “We want to do it just like when we first went to Japan. We want to start from the beginning in America. It was so hard in Japan at first but now we want to do it again in America.”

JH: “I think we’ll live a different life.”

YH: “I think it’ll be fun. And since you guys are so close, you will be able to overcome any challenges.”


- FT Island sigh -

YH: “Why are you all sighing?”

YH: “Working abroad is good but Korean fans are so glad to see you back. This would make it hard for you to leave.”

HK: “Of course.”

MH: “Our promotion ends soon.”

HK: “Our fans always cheer for us with their heart. And we can see that they are trying to make us stand out. We are so thankful.”

YH: “FT Island and fans have a very special relationship. Do you have anything to say to Primadonnas?”

HK: “We got to win #1 for ‘I wish’ mostly because of our fans. They are always waiting for us, cheering for us, worrying about us. And when Jaejin’s break up news got out…”

JJ: “Can you stop talking about this?”

 “Even those who didn’t know will know now.”

JJ: “Can you please stop talking about this?”


HK: “Even then, they really comforted Jaejin. So they are always on our side no matter what happens. They are our babies, our fools. We are always so thankful. I always tell them no matter what country we are in, including Korea, let’s be together until we die. I wish we really do that.”

Somebody grab me a box of Kleenex, please!  My baby! TT_TT<3 OMG I’ve already had my heart set on with these five treasures for almost 6 years now. So bring on 6 more years, or even 60, 600 years. Till death do us apart!! FT Island & Primadonna Forever!

YH: “It took three years for you come out with this official album. Will we have to wait another three years to see the next official album?”

JH: “Yes.”

YH: “Really?”

HK: “No.”

JJ: “We’ll try to come out with one soon.”

 “We don’t want to do a mini-album. We just want to work hard on another official album.”

YH: “That’s the beauty of FT Island.”


The beauty of FT Island: HongHun moment with Jonghun drunk off wine. Just saying.

DJ. Pri Out!

P.S. Younha also signed off after promising FT Island to meet up for an after-party. BD

Source: MBC Younha’s Starry Night + DJ. Pri  

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